Have you ever wondered when you are shopping in your supermarket just how the supermarkets decide which products they will display on their supermarket shelving and why they put those particular ones on their shelves? The answer for many of us might be that they can put just what they want to put on, what they think the customer needs. But in actual fact, there is a precise science involved around it all. We the customers are scrutinised by the shop owners so that they can come up the solutions around what make customers tick inside the shop and many times what you see on the shelves has been carefully considered and designed in such a way that we part with our cash to the most satisfactory way to the shop owners.

Shelving on eye level

Take a look at those products that are placed at eye level on the self in your supermarket. You might see that they have something in common; all the big name brands are out there on the shelving at eye level. Companies have caught on to the advantage of placing their products strategically so that you are more likely to notice these products instead of the ones lower down. Take a look at the products that are placed on the shelving where you have to bend down and you will notice that these are the lesser known brands. The quality of the lesser brands might be just as good s the big brand names, but they are cheaper products that you might remember to consider when you are feeling the penny pinch somewhat.

Expired food on shelving

In the delicatessen area of the supermarket, you might not or might have realised that the supermarket does not always make use of the freshest of products when they are preparing their take away foods for the days. They will use foods taken from the shelving that have almost reached their expiry date as their ingredients for the delicatessen food and you should ask what the expiry date is on the food when choosing from this department.

Moving easily around is what customers want

Being able to move through the grocery aisles and push a shopping cart easily is what customers want. When it comes to your supermarket shelving, you are going to also want to be able to move your shelving around should you need this to be the case to create added space or even new layouts, all for effective merchandising.

On your supermarket shelving, it is important that you have to make the displays look appealing, placing all boxes, cans and packaging strategically so that certain people can notice the brands, the ingredients as well as the prices. Otherwise customers are going to miss out on valuable items being missed, either because they are too far back on the shelving or in the shadows that are created by the shelving above. As a supermarket owner, you will need to research the different aisle layouts so that you can sectionalise the types of products they will be carrying. Large supermarket shelving also needs to be designated locations for particular food product grouping for easy access as well.