Used shelving and pallet racking are a very cost effective alternative to investing in a new shelving solution or a pallet racking system.

Second Hand Shelving

Used industrial shelving is one of the most popular storage solutions in South Africa. Not only is it cost effective, but at Shelving Galore we follow strict quality guidelines when it comes to purchasing and reselling steel shelving.

The Advantages of Purchasing Second Hand Shelving

  • Multi-purpose: our used shelves are ideal for multiple purposes and industries, including hardware stores, liquor stores, beauty shops and supermarkets.
  • Adjustable shelf heights: all our shelving can be modified based on your need. Shelving can be added or removed or heights adjusted.

We offer the following second hand shelving solutions:

Second Hand Pallet Racking

All our pallet racking comes in excellent condition and are a cost effective alternative to new, more expensive pallet racking system.

Pallet racking offers many benefits over traditional shelving and storage solutions.

The Advantages of Using Pallet Racking for Storage:

  • Cost-effective: second hand pallets are a cost effective storage solution with low equipment and capital costs.
  • Space saving: Pallets are a great if you are looking to save space. Pallet racking allow you to take up vertical space as opposed to precious floor space.
  • Safety: Pallets offer a high level of safety due to the quality materials used in their construction.
  • Durable: pallets are extremely durable and generally have a long lifespan.
  • Accessibility: Pallet racking systems are easily accessible by forklifts, allowing trucks to manoeuvre racks with relative ease.
  • Easy to clean: pallets are very easy to clean and resistant to odours.

If you are looking to purchase second hand shelving or pallet racking and want to find out more about what we have available and what the costs are, contact us now for a custom quote.

If you are looking to sell your second hand shelving, racking, office equipment or catering equipment, fill out the form on the “We Buy Shelves” page and we will get back to you.