Your warehouse is the backbone of your business. You store you merchandise, supplies, fixtures and materials there. If your warehouse is messy than it makes doing your job more difficult and sometimes impossible, causing you to lose sales or clients or costing you time you could have spent on something else. Getting your warehouse organized doesn’t have to be a daunting task, if you have the proper equipment that will keep your warehouse working for you and not the other way around. The proper warehouse racking can ensure that you will not waste time working in your warehouse.

Quantity over Quality

Just because you have more of something doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be a better fit for your needs. Take for example pallet racks. You can have a long row of pallet racks that extend the length of your warehouse, but if only have them are actually used than you may have wasted time and money into a project that could have been better spent with a different type of rack. Just because your warehouse is large enough to hold more doesn’t mean it needs to be overflowing. The opposite is true ina smaller warehouse where too much racking defeats the purpose of maximizing your space.

Quality warehouse racking is just as important as having the right amount of racking. You will need to have the type of equipment that is durable and steady, passing all safety regulations provided by your state and the federal government. Your warehouse is a home away from home for some workers and needs to be safe for those employees who are working in it on a day to day basis.

Spacing issues

Not all warehouses are large, and in fact some of them can be quite on the small side. If you happen to have a less than ideal warehouse space than choosing the right type and quantity or warehouse racking is even more important. Pallet racks with wire decks are extremely important for stacking multiple pallets in for storage. This can allow you take your small warehouse and hold 20 pallets, doubling and tripling that space without creating safety issues.

Types of warehouse racking

As there are different sizes of warehouses there are also different types of warehouse racking to go with them, based on the needs and supplies being stored. As we have already discussed pallet racks we will skip those and show you a variety of others that you can utilize to maximize your storage space;

Metal Shelving – good more smaller storage and supply needs
Cantilever racks – good for piping and wood storage
Wire Baskets and containers – basically large dumping bins down to file storage
Plastic Collapsible Storage containers – great for space when not in use
Vertical Sheet Rack – holding glas, sheet metals, and large wood planks
Pallet Supports – for pallet racks
Wire Shelving and Pallets – also good for storage in pallet racks
Stack Racks – similar to pallet racks but more secure
Corrugates Steel Containers – large open trash container style unit