Shelves are a great way to save space, organise a room and ultimately make life simpler, whether you are in a household or industrial setting. They have become incredibly popular, and with the option of buying either new or second hand shelving, limited budgets can be taken into account.

In a household setting, wooden shelves and glass shelves are a huge hit and very popular, and are used in the kitchen (particularly the pantry), bathroom, lounge (to mount a TV or entertainment equipment, or pack books on, etc.) or any room in the house where someone needs to save and create extra space. Wood and glass shelves are very popular due to their aesthetic and decorative appeal, and can make a lovely addition to any room.

In industrial settings, especially warehouses, shelving is a necessity in order to organise products that are waiting to be dispatched. In this article, types and uses for industrial shelving will be discussed briefly.

Types and Uses of Workplace Shelves

There are various different types of shelves used in the workplace, and they serve many different purposes depending on the type of room the shelves are in and the material they are made of. When building a workplace it is important to plan space for and buy shelves, as they are an essential for space creation and organisation. Some of the types and uses of workplace shelves will be discussed briefly below.

  • General wall shelves. These shelves are used in offices, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms etc. and are mounted directly onto the wall. They have aesthetic appeal and add to the d├ęcor of the room, in addition to serving the purpose of creating extra space, for example, in order to be able to stack files neatly and be able to find them easily when they are required.
  • Storage shelves. As the name states, these shelves are used to store items, including items for the business’s personal use, in a business or industrial setting.
  • Steel shelves. Steel shelves, or a steel rack, are usually used in warehouse settings, as steel is a strong metal and can withstand the storage of heavy products until they are dispatched.
  • Display shelves. These are mostly used in a retail setting, such as a store or supermarket. They are long, high shelving systems that allow shops to display the products they are trying to sell in such a way that the products are easy for the customer to see and target the correct customers.

Buying Shelves

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