When it comes to shelving, you will discover that there are all types of styles and varieties to suit your particular needs. From the lightest of shelving that you can use in the home and the office to heavy industrial shelving that takes very heavy weights, there is shelving to suit all kinds of needs from the domestic the commercial and industrial sectors.

Another type of shelving is bolt shelving for sale. This type of shelving is very widely used, not only because it is inexpensive type shelving, but because it is so durable and of such high quality. Bolted on shelving is available in any of the standard sizes as well as heights and they are very robust type of shelves, able to carry weights right over one hundred and 60 kgs per shelf. Obviously this type of shelving you will find more in the commercial and industrial sectors.

People want top quality shelving

The market out there looks for strength and appearance as well as great applications when it comes to bolted on shelving and the manufacturing companies need to fully comply with these demands. It is imported for a bolted shelving business to produce the most top quality shelving solutions, but just as important is their after sales service.

There are huge warehouse that will invest a lot of their capital expenditure to have bolted on shelving systems installed in their factory settings, and for investing large sums of money on such an investment they want to get the maximum returns. They will make sure they get their monetary return by their monthly audit of the shelving to make sure there are no damages to the shelving that could cause damage or loss of the products that are stored on the bolted shelving. Not only do they have to ensure that their products are undamaged but any damaged shelving can cause injury to staff and it is imperative therefore that the shelving gets checked very regularly to avoid any of these disasters from happening.

Bolt shelving for sale continually being researched

Usually manufacturers of bolting shelving will have experts who are especially trained to assist companies who have bolting shelving installed. Sometimes the manufacturing companies are therefore more than just suppliers of shelving. They have also the ability to almost be like a business partner to their customers, because they ensure that warehouse storing and shelving systems are cost effective for their clients into the future as well. This means they continually are doing research on the development of all their types of shelving so they are continually up to date with their manufacturing methods, and continually keep the latest state of the art shelving on hand for their consumers.


The open braced bolted steel shelving is shelving that is the most basic type as well as the most economical type. The backs and sides are open but many times will be stabilised by means of crossed braces to support the backs and sides. The closed back and side bolted steel shelving are units that will be closed on three of the side by means of steelplanes. The panels provide stability and protect those items that are stored, keeping them cleaner as well. If the steel units are joined back to back or from side to side, there will be a cost saving, because there will then be a common side or back panel which serves two of the units. Often the units will be assembled in rows that do stand side by side or back to back and they are of good enough strength to support mezzanine type floors.