The most crucial purpose of shelving is to keep things in an ordered condition. You might use the shelves for various purposes; for storage or display. You might want shelving in metal, wood or even stainless steel. If you are under a tight budget, purchasing second hand shelving is the answer to your shelving needs. They cost a fraction of the price of new shelving and can be obtained in excellent quality if you search carefully.

Shelving suppliers sell used and new shelving. Both come with advantages and disadvantages. The benefit of new shelves is that they are in an untouched condition and are great if you are installing them for your new office system at home or for personal use. Used shelving might come with a few dents and scratches but it will still operate perfectly.


Second hand shelving is ideal for a supermarket, a liquor store, hardware stores or beauty stores. Shelves hold plenty of bottles or tools on them and will certainly get scratched and dented in any case. A manufacturer who sells second hand shelving usually can modify the level of the base shelves and the upper display shelves based on your requirements and wishes.

You still get quality

If you own an industrial or retailing business, you will have specific requirements to meet your storage needs. Most often businesses and retailers purchase shelving on an as-is basis. They purchase the second hand shelving after a great deal of scrutiny to ensure that there is no compromise on quality.

There are different types of customized shelving to meet individual needs. These products are generally in tip top condition and are ready for storage or display purposes. Different types of shelving address individualistic needs. There is the bolt-on shelving usually on a wall, which is used for general storage and is ideal for use in your garage, spares shops, business archive storage, as well as a whole range of general storage solutions. For supermarkets and commercial spaces, there is the single or double-sided shelving. They have adjustable shelves which can be changed to suit individual requirements.

Suit individual requirements

Industrial shopfittings like racking are normally used in places where there is a requirement for bulk storage or warehouse storage. These are available in lightweight, medium, or the heavy duty range. Shopfitting accessories include goose necks, pegboards, peg-board hooks, wire baskets, counters, dress rails, and display cabinets, etc. A shelve has to be installed in the right manner. Most suppliers are able to offer assistance with the installation of their products.

Some countries have great manufacturers

For cheap second hand shelving solutions, there is no better place to look than the 2nd hand shelving South Africa industry. They purchase second hand steel shelving as well as office furniture and catering equipment too. Places like 2nd hand shelving Gauteng in South Africa also lay emphasis on the quality of products they purchase and they have a set of guidelines which they adhere to very strictly in order to maintain quality. This way they ensure the sale and purchase of quality products.

You can purchase on line

By purchasing second hand shelving, employers and owners must be aware of the condition and certification of a shelving unit to assure that safety is the top priority. Auction sites and on line retailers are very popular ways to purchase used and new units. They list pictures with all the specifications and certifications, allowing a business to drastically increase their industrial storage capacity without spending a fortune to accomplish it.

Racking is another option

Companies today are looking at more options than ever to save money. The purchase should be done responsibly, following all the safety guidelines. Another popular choice of second hand shelving is pallet racking. These are usually horizontal rows of shelving with multiple levels acting like storage trays. They are a great way to organize large amounts of products while making them easy to access. An example is a product such as chicken eggs. They can easily be safely stored and removed one pallet at a time without having to remove the entire row.

Storage needs solved

Purchasing second hand shelving is an inexpensive way to satisfy your storage needs. It is vital that the 2nd hand shelving you choose are large enough to accommodate your needs, is made from quality material, is adjustable and simple to assemble and install.