Industrial steel shelving for warehouse package and storage solutions is an economical and effective answer to best utilisation of space. The quality of steel is designed to ensure durability in a lightweight, modern in design.

Common types of steel shelving include;

Bolt On Shelving

Bolt steel shelving offers an easy to assemble and lightweight solution for the storage of smaller home or office items such as files or archive boxes or garage items. This is the most common type of shelving for use in smaller areas and is a cost effective choice for businesses or home renovations on a budget that require compact storage of archive boxes, files, or any other industrial or commercial requirements and hold a maximum weight of up to 60kg.

Gondola shelving unit

Designed to increase productivity in a warehouse or retail environment, Gondola shelving units ensure an easy flow of traffic throughout the area. These units are also commonly used in retail spaces where “impulse buying” is encouraged. For example, near tills and checkout areas. Shelves can be adjusted to different heights and sizes with the use of a boltless assembly system.

Industrial racking

Industrial racking, available in light duty (800kp per packing level), medium duty (2 tons per level) and heavy duty (3 tons per level) is designed for bulk storage in large warehouse spaces. Items stored on these shelving units are often stacked in large pallets and require motorised transportation such as forklifts. These shelving units are installed in horizontal rows, usually with multiple levels. This creates high density, durable storage that allows ease of access for the forklift trucks that are continuously packing and removing large items from the shelves.

Easy installation

Most units are assembled into rows that sit side-by-side, or as double shelving that acts as a central row depending on the size of the area. The shelving units are easily installed and can be rearranged as needs change and extra space is required.

From a safety perspective, identifying the use of your shelving systems is important in order to install the most compatible shelving system for your storage weight or display requirements.

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