In many buildings, offices or homes, shelving solutions are a fantastic, if not necessary way to create space and bring order into that space; from a busy industrial or retail area to a home or office. Of course there are many advantages to installing shelves. First of all it creates a whole heap of extra space in a room and if they are used properly, they will enable you to reduce clutter and become much more organised. When you compare costs involved in buying cupboards or cabinets these days, storage shelving solutions are also a much cheaper way of creating space. And if you want to go even cheaper than that, there is always the simple option of using second hand shelving at great prices.

From heavy duty to fashionably trendy

Shelving is also rather aesthetically pleasing. It creates a neat professional look to it. With the colours and styles of shelving today, you can actually make your space look even trendy and contemporary. They also come in different types of materials too. They come in either wood, metal, chrome, steel or glass which means you can install shelving that matches the décor and look of the room where it will be installed.

Some of these shelves even can be adjusted and easily moved. This offers you the opportunity to take the shelving away or add in a shelf, or rearrange the whole area. There are a whole heap of different types of shelving options available, but generally speaking, you will find the three main types. These are industrial shelving and racking solutions which could also be called warehouse shelving solutions. There is household or office shelving and the other one is shop shelving. The industrial shelving is typically used to store a large number of products on the shelves in an organised and easy to reach system. Usually in the industrial shelving scene, the shelving will be made from steel because it does not really need to look beautiful; it must be practical to store all kinds of heavy industrial goods, and therefore should be strong too. Poor quality storing and shelving solutions that is not up to the task of supporting industrial products can pose real safety hazards.

Shelving solutions on a budget

When it comes to industrial shelving solutions or racking, if you happen to be on a budget, it is always a wise idea to purchase second hand industrial shelving. As long as you buy from a quality second hand shelving company for your racking and shelving solutions, you will really receive high quality second hand shelving that is in a good condition and is so much more affordable.

The household or office shelving is usually meant to improve the look of an office or shop.  People wants to store their dvd’s or their cd’s or pot plants and photos on their shelving, and they usually want the shelving to match the colour scheme of their office or bedroom. Offices even sometimes like to match their files with the colour of their shelving.

Shelving to fit any space

Retail shelving solutions are used mainly for practical purposes, but it also is meant to look modern and funky because it needs to attract customers as well. In some instances it is the very shelves that make the items on the display unit look so attractive. The shelves will also need to be the type that the shop owner can see when his stock is running low.  Shelving also allows shop owners to group all their similar products together to make it easy for customers when they are looking for goods in a shop.

Whatever your shelving requirements are, there are high quality and custom designed shelving solutions that will ideally be perfect for any type of space, no matter what the size, shape or the function is.