Gondola shelving for retail shopping makes shelving options so adaptable because they offer free-standing display units that make for easy walking between the aisles. Gondola shelving comes in various heights as well as depths and each shelf can be adjusted to stand exactly at the height that the shop-owners require so that everybody can reach. But most of the gondola shelving will come in specific heights which can range anywhere from around 1.4 m to 2.1 m and the depths will range anything between about 250 mm to around 570 mm. There are even available lower units which the shop owner might find more appropriate if he chooses to have a more clear view across his store. The higher shelving is to be found in very big supermarkets and the typical cash and carry stores.

It allows for optimal traffic flow

It is always important for gondola shelving to be positioned in such a way to optimise traffic flow conveniently for shoppers in the shop and this is achieved by making one line of the gondola shelving just a bit lower than the shelving next to it. This kind of shelving encourages customers to naturally turn into the next aisle whilst shopping.

A shop owner might lay out his shop according to what he believes is important for his customers, so he might make a few short aisles or have some longer ones. This will also depend on the space he has available in his shop. By creating aisles he is allowing his customers to browse more easily and he also increases the chances that they might just spend longer in his store, going up and down each different aisle to inspect the goods on sale. Sometimes this method gets researched by shop owners who will know exactly the best methods to keep customers longer in the shop plus to sometimes buy things impulsively and go away with more groceries than they anticipated buying.

Ideal for displaying wares

With gondola shelving, a shop owner is able to use them to create interest and novel ideas in order to display his products and he can achieve this by placing the gondola units at different heights and different configurations, as well as the fact that they are so adjustable. He can change his displays whenever he feels like piquing his customer’s interest even more. Some of the gondola shelving is able to be tilted in order to show off paper wares like magazines, cards, wrapping paper and much more.

Apart from gondola shelving units, there are also shelving accessories and amazing shop fittings that enables a shop owner to organise his stock in such a way that the prices and descriptions can be seen by the customers, encouraging them to linger and spot other things and adding them to their baskets. With gondola shelving and its accompanying accessories, any shop owner can make his shop highly attractive and inviting for customers. Because of shelving just like the Gondola shelving, a show owner can display all his goods in such a way that customers might be willing to go the extra mile just so they end up at their favourite shopping store.