First impressions count, and when you are relying on the impression made by your shopfitting details to convert into paying customers, then you need to know your goosenecks from your display cabinets.

Here is a brief description of what you can find at Shelving Galore to get you started and ready to make an impact on your customers.


Pegboards are flat units for use on an unused wall space for displaying small to medium sized merchandise. The boards can vary in size and are covered in equidistant perforation for a variety of shelving and hanging options using specially designed hooks. Pegboards come in different finishes and can vary depending on the retailer’s requirements; wood, cardboard, metal or laminated with different colours, but is usually a standard 5mm thickness.

Pegboard hooks

Pegboard hooks come in a variety of styles for a number of different display options. There are hooks for pricing, double hooks as well as flipscan or loop options. The hooks are designed to sit firmly on the pegboard and do not unhook easily when merchandise is removed.


Goosenecks are horizontal rails with 20 notches for hangers. They can be displayed either as straight or downward sloped hooks, and attached with brackets designed for wall mounting or as an attachment to a grid.

Wire baskets
This multi-purpose basket can be fitted to any size pegboard, slat and grid depending on your shop fitting requirements. The baskets are multi-functional as items can be displayed in the baskets as well as displayed as hanging items beneath them.

Dress rails

Dress rails can be manufactured as either single or double racks. They are a popular option for mobile displays within a fixed retail space as well as for pop-up shops and temporary events. They can be fitted with castors for quick mobility. Dress rails are able to hold a weight of up to 80kgs and are often height adjustable.


Counters are mostly used as the Point of Sale (POS) area; this is where the sale of the item is made. Some counters double as display cabinets and many retailers will use the POS counter to display smaller items that may be bought on impulse. Most counters are custom-made to suit the shop size and décor.

Display cabinets

Display cabinets are glass-fronted cupboards or counters and are used for small, often highly valuable items. These are often a popular choice to display jewellery and accessories and general items that should not be frequently handled.

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