Shelving systems are excellent at home, offices, or store-rooms. Available in powder coated finish or galvanized finish, bolt together shelving provides visible storage for anything from soft light items to nuts and bolts to heavy steel items weighing tons. The need for a variety of uses and applications has meant manufacturers coming up with many styles and configurations that will suit every need. Shelving units in their basic form consist of a frame and the shelves. The shelves can be constructed from different materials.

The thickness of the shelving with will be determined by the load carrying capacity needed. The shelving frame and type of shelving will be selected once you know what the intended use is; what items you want to store and how many shelving units you will need. If you are in doubt, there are many shelving professionals who offer free advice on the best shelving for your needs. Their economical nut and bolt shelving can be designed in any size and color and some companies offer delivery and installation.

h3. Bolt Together Shelving can be Accessorised

The upright posts and shelves are bolted together to form an adjustable and rigid support structure. Various accessories can be added like bin dividers and steel storage drawers. Bolt and nut shelving can be configured in ways that meet your needs. You can go as far as creating multi-tier shelving configurations with catwalks.

Steel shelving is always an economical way to maximize storage space and with bolt together shelving, installation is quick and easy. with the clip system. Bolt together shelving can be the open style unit type, the closed style unit type or you can get a combination unit.

Once you have moved into your new premises, you will assess the storage space you have available, and you will want to sort out your shelving so that you don’t clutter your work space. Bolt-together shelving is made up of slotted angle posts in standard lengths of 6′, 7′, 8′, 10′ and 12′. Standard finish is painted grey enamel and bolts and nuts are supplied with the shelves, whether you are buying new or used shelves.

h3. Bolt and Nuts Shelving can be Configured to Anything

There is a good selection of pallet racking systems which can be purchased in many different materials. The beauty of this shelving is that the shelves can be configured exactly how you want them and can be so strong that massive items can be stored on them. Made up of multiple rows, the only way you are going to reach certain items is by making use of a forklift.

These pallet rack systems are found in massive warehouses. Selective pallet racking is available in bolt-together arrangement. These bolt-together racks can carry more weight than the clip-in pallet racks and the horizontal load beams are attached in place with bolts.

Bolt together shelving is mostly made of metal and they are popular because they are long lasting and easy to ship, but most of all they are easy to assemble on site.