Bolt on shelving, a basic and economical steel shelving design, provides the perfect storage solution for small, medium or even larger spaces. Not only is bolt on shelving cost effective, but it also provides a practical approach to organising all spaces, from the home, to the office and even provides solutions for industrial spaces.

This shelving solution is built on a levels system, with each steel level offering another packing area. The levels are fastened to the frame with bolts, two on each side, resulting in a sturdy frame with each level holding a packing weight of 60kg. The levels can be moved through the frame easily to allow for taller and shorter items, and more shelves can be added to each stack to customise each bolt on shelving system to the user’s requirement.

Bolt on shelving for the home

Storage solutions for the home can become quite tricky, especially where space tends to be of main concern. These shelves are ideal for laundry rooms, pantries, and work especially well in garages. The open design allows for ease of access to anything stored, and works especially well for arranging tools, boxes, crates, cans and bottles.

Industrial Shelving solutions

Are you looking for a storage solution for warehouses or factories? Industrial steel shelving can be joined side by side to extend the length of a wall, floor or room, or built on front to back creating a wider space for storage and in the long run saving costs overall.

Businesses and shops

The benefits of using bolt on shelving can even be extended to the office to create economical storage solutions for business archiving, general storage space or even as store shelving. Open braced steel shelving provide ample viewing ability making organising a breeze, especially in shops and stores.

Bolt on shelving is practical and cost effective and allows ease of access for all items stored. If you would like a quote, please click here.